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What calorie plan should I choose?

A frequently asked question we get is “what calorie plan should I choose?”


What is a healthy meal plan?

What is a healthy meal plan? A healthy meal plan focuses on balanced portions. Specifically portions of lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. It emphasizes nutrient diversity, hydration, and moderation while limiting processed foods, added sugars, and excessive salt. Interested is a healthy meal plan that fits this description click here

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Sparkling Water, is it healthy?

Sparkling water is popular, but is it healthy?

Seltzer water, also known as sparkling water or carbonated water, has indeed become popular in recent years but is it healthy?

What is seltzer water?

Seltzer water, also known by various names like sparkling water, carbonated water, or bubbly water, is created by dissolving carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into still or flat water. This process, which involves adding carbon dioxide under pressure, is what gives seltzer water its effervescence and characteristic fizzy quality. Seltzer water has indeed become increasingly popular in recent years, contributing to the growth of the carbonated soda industry. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of seltzer water that consumers might want to consider:

  1. Zero Calories: Seltzer water is typically calorie-free, making it a good alternative to sugary sodas for those looking to cut down on their calorie intake or lose weight.
  2. No Added Sugars: Unlike many soft drinks, seltzer water is usually free from added sugars, making it a healthier option for those concerned about their sugar consumption.
  3. Hydration: Seltzer water is still water, so it helps keep you hydrated. The carbonation can make it more appealing to those who find plain water boring.
  4. Refreshing: The effervescence and bubbles in seltzer water can provide a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience.
  5. Versatile: Seltzer water can be a versatile base for various beverages. You can add a splash of juice, a twist of citrus, or even use it as a mixer for cocktails.
  1. Dental Health: The carbonation in seltzer water can make it slightly acidic, which may erode tooth enamel over time. However, this is generally less acidic than soda and is a concern primarily with excessive consumption.
  2. Digestive Sensitivity: Some individuals may experience bloating or gas when consuming carbonated beverages, including seltzer water. This can be uncomfortable for some people.
  3. Bone Health: There have been concerns about carbonated beverages, including seltzer water, potentially affecting bone health due to their acidity. However, the impact on bone health is generally considered to be minor and is more relevant when excessive amounts are consumed.
  4. Environmental Impact: The production and packaging of seltzer water can have an environmental impact, including the use of plastic bottles and energy consumption in carbonation processes. Many companies are working to reduce their environmental footprint.
  5. Cost: While seltzer water can be an economical choice when compared to bottled soda or other beverages, purchasing it regularly can still add up in terms of cost, especially if you opt for premium or flavored brands.

Is seltzer water bad for you?

Though seltzer water is just as hydrating as regular water, it does have some advantages and disadvantages as stated above. Sparkling water has become popular but is it healthy? Sparkling water can be more interesting, appealing and enjoyable than plain water. It often comes in a wide variety of flavors. What’s more, such flavors don’t usually require the use of artificial sweeteners. This makes seltzer water a good choice for those looking to reduce their calorie intake or avoid added sugars.

To wrap things up…

Again, sparkling water has become popular but is it healthy? Seltzer water offers a low-calorie, sugar-free, and refreshing alternative to traditional sodas. However, it’s important to be mindful of potential dental and digestive effects, as well as the environmental impact of its production and packaging. As with any beverage, moderation and balance are key to enjoying its benefits while minimizing potential drawbacks

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