Fully prepared meals are fresh, never frozen. Just heat and serve. No more planning, shopping or cooking! Great for Seniors, Empty Nesters, Singles or anyone!

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The Fresh Plan healthy eating meal program consists of fully prepared meals to just heat & eat! All our meals are made in our commercial kitchen in Chicago. We only use the freshest ingredients available with no artificial flavors or ingredients and no preservatives.

Our meals have no GMO’s or hydrogenated oils. Our chicken and turkey are pasture grazed, free range and antibiotic free. We use locally sourced ingredients when available. As a kitchen we recycle and compost to be as environmentally conscious as possible. The meal plan is calorie controlled, low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat, low in sugar and high in taste! With The Fresh Plan just HEAT. EAT. LIVE HEALTHY!

If you have any questions, give us a call or chat with Betsy Now!

Please let your chef & kitchen staff know that the food is really, really good, I've loved everything! While it has been somewhat hard cutting my calories, having such delicious meals, with such variety, makes eating enjoyable and I feel quite full after each meal. Just wanted to let you know!

-Lori G. | December 2017


Since Duxler has been offering these meals, it has helped take our company's culture to the next level. It has also enabled my employees to further believe in and support the culture vision that I am constantly working to improve. Not to mention, they love the meals and it enables my team to eat nutritious, clean, healthy food throughout the day.

Brian Moak | Owner, Duxler Car Care Centers

My life, weight, health and attitude have drastically changed in the last 8 months since using The Fresh Plan with the fabulous support of Betsy and Scott. Using The Fresh Plan program I have lost 154 pounds with their delicious healthy meal plan. I feel like I was given a second chance in life. I have beaten my diabetes type 2 and my high blood pressure as well. NO more pills…yahoo!!!

Maria O.

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