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This weeks tasty meals include Flax Seed Whole Wheat Pancakes, Grilled Chicken Quesadilla, Lemon Thyme Roasted Chicken and more. Check out the full menu now!

Week 4 Menu

Whether you are too busy to cook, want to lose weight, or just want to eat healthier, the fresh plan is your simple way to get healthy, delicious meals. Fully prepared meals are fresh, never frozen. Just heat and serve. No more planning, shopping or cooking! Great for Seniors, Empty Nesters, Singles or anyone!

Heat. Eat. Live Healthy!

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The Fresh Plan healthy eating meal program consists of fully prepared calorie controlled meals to just heat & eat! All of the meals are made with the freshest ingredients available with no artificial flavors or ingredients and no preservatives. Our chicken and turkey are free range, pasture grazed, antibiotic fee and locally sourced. The meal plan is calorie controlled, low sodium, low fat, low in sugar and high in taste! There are four different weekly menus that rotate each week so that if you stay on the plan for an extended period of time you won’t have the same meal until your fifth week.

We pride ourselves in our extensive healthy menu with quite an array of different meals so you won’t get bored. The menus change to highlight certain ingredients when they are in their high season or even meals to reflect holidays or events during the year. We offer different options to make it most convenient for you.

We offer delivery and pick up from any of our ten convenient Chicagoland locations. Choose from a 1200 calorie per day plan and a 1700 calorie per day plan. Our full week plan consists of twenty one meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner for a full week. Everyone has busy lives and may travel or eat out occasionally so we offer a “weekday” plan consisting of twelve meals; Monday night dinner through Friday lunch and our “weekend” plan consisting of nine meals; Friday night dinner through Monday lunch. Our convenient meal plan is great for people that want to lose weight or have health issues. It’s the perfect plan for busy professionals, singles, working couples and empty nesters. It meets the needs for elderly folks and people coming home from surgeries. The Fresh Plan was created for people that can’t or don’t have time nor want to shop, prepare and cook their meals.

With The Fresh Plan just HEAT. EAT. LIVE HEALTHY!

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1200 calories per day or 1700 calories per day. The menus are the same for both calorie plans. It’s just a matter of portion size.

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Pick up in one of our convenient locations or have it delivered to your door.

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Place your order online or call 224-480-3700 for assistance.

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Since Duxler has been offering these meals, it has helped take our company's culture to the next level. It has also enabled my employees to further believe in and support the culture vision that I am constantly working to improve. Not to mention, they love the meals and it enables my team to eat nutritious, clean, healthy food throughout the day.

Brian Moak | Owner, Duxler Car Care Centers


My life, weight, health and attitude have drastically changed in the last 8 months since using The Fresh Plan with the fabulous support of Betsy and Scott. Using The Fresh Plan program I have lost 154 pounds with their delicious healthy meal plan. I feel like I was given a second chance in life. I have beaten my diabetes type 2 and my high blood pressure as well. NO more pills…yahoo!!!

Maria O.

I couldn’t be more pleased with The Fresh Plan. It really is Real Food, Well Balanced, Nothing Artificial, and sooo delicious! Each entrée is a hearty treat. Kudos to you, your great chef, and all who buy the ingredients for, prepare, package and deliver these gourmet meals.

Pat W.

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