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The Fresh Plan Referral Program!

The Fresh Plan Referral program

Check out The Fresh Plan referral program! Spread the word!!! Yes we have a REFERRAL PROGRAM!!!!!

Tell someone about us and when they order, you will get a FREE week of food and they will get 20% OFF their first order.

Call Betsy at 224-480-3700 to get your free food and have your friend call Betsy to get their special price.

Let us help you and you can help a friend or family member by referring them to us!

Our meals are calorie controlled, low sodium, low cholesterol, low in saturated fats, low in added sugars and high in taste!

The Fresh Plan referral program will not only help you but it will help your referral and they will thank you!!!

Referrals are the lifeline for small local businesses so thank you in advance for any referrals that you send our way!

Let our team help you. Just order, heat, and enjoy our chef-crafted meals. 

No need to worry! We got you covered. Take the guesswork out of preparing healthy meals.
No Shopping, No Preparing, No Cooking!  ………Just good eating!!!

To order or check out our healthy menus click here!


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