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This weeks tasty meals include English Muffin with Poached Egg, Chicken Salad, Ground Turkey Tacos with Lettuce Wraps, Flank Steak with Veggies & Potatoes and more. Scroll down for more information!

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The Fresh Plan Meal Details

Click on the weeks below to see the list of meals available in each week. Click on the meal name for additional detailed meal information.


How should I store the meals? Keep all meals refrigerated until ready to eat. What order should I eat the meals in? Just eat a breakfast a lunch and a dinner each day. The first half of the week, eat part 1 meals before beginning part 2. Likewise, for the second half of the week, eat part 2 meals before starting the next week. How do I heat the meals? Meals can be warmed up in the microwave, traditional oven or on your cooktop. Although most of the containers are microwaveable safe, we recommend not microwaving anything in plastic but prefer you place meals on a microwaveable safe plate. Can we choose what meals we want? No. However, there are four different weeks of menus so you’ll only have the same meal about once per month. Everyone is on the same week at the same time. The only difference is portion sizes for the different calorie plans. Can I cancel my order? Sorry there are no cancellations or refunds as you’ve ordered freshly prepared meals. How much weight can I expect to lose? Everyone’s body is different and weight loss is a matter of caloric intake vs. output. A good goal to shoot for would 1-2 pounds per week at the start on any diet. The losses may slow down after some of the initial weight loss. What if I have a medical condition like diabetes or heart disease? You should seek advice from your doctor to see if The Fresh Plan program is right for you. All the nutritional information may be found on our website at What if I go out for a meal? Go enjoy! Be smart about what you order e.g. salad with dressing on the side, grilled fish or chicken and have fruit for dessert. Watch your portions! When do I need to order my meals? Thursday by 7:00 PM for the upcoming week.

The Fresh Plan Nutritional Info

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