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How To Stay Healthy When You’re Busy

If you live a busy life and are always out and about doing things, you need to take proper care of yourself. You need to get all the nutrition that you need so that you will have the energy to take on your tasks everyday. You also need to develop healthy habits to make sure that you are in tiptop shape and ready for whatever you might face.

A busy lifestyle, however, doesn’t make it easy to do all of that. You spend a lot of your time working and chasing deadlines, and you don’t have enough time to do what’s good for your health. If you’re living this kind of lifestyle, this article is for you.

Healthy With A Busy Lifestyle

Living a busy lifestyle doesn’t automatically mean living in poor health. There are many things you can do to ensure you remain healthy. Before we proceed to the steps to living healthy despite having a lot of things to do, let’s talk about some myths that need debunking.
Myth #1: A busy lifestyle means making poor health choices
While people think that a busy lifestyle means jumping from one activity to another without time to focus on one’s health, research has actually found that the opposite is true. According to a study, people who have busy mindsets tend to have a better sense of self-importance, which results to them having better self-control. This means busy people tend to make better lifestyle decisions and avoid those that negatively affect health and performance.
Myth #2: A busy lifestyle means getting enough physical activity
Just because you’re busy running around doesn’t mean you get all the exercise you need. Many workers today spend a lot of their time just sitting down in front of a desk or computer. Studies show that because of the rise of the work-from-home job structure, workers now spend up to two more hours sitting down as compared to when they had to commute to and from the office. This has caused people to live sedentary lifestyles. Busy with work? Yes. But getting enough exercise? No.
Myth #3: A busy lifestyle means no work-life balance
Some people think living a busy lifestyle means just focusing on work and producing results, and neglecting other things like family time and socializing. That is not true. While you can become busy out of habit, living a hectic yet productive lifestyle is actually impossible if all you care about are deadlines. Research shows that workers become more efficient when work-life balance is prioritized. This means you can enjoy the things that matter to you, while your company enjoys your performance as well.

How to Stay Healthy When Busy

Now that we’ve established what a busy lifestyle isn’t, it’s time to talk about how you can live healthy despite your hectic schedules. Here are some things you should do:
Get enough sleep
No matter how many tasks you have to finish and deadlines you have to chase after, it’s important to remember to get around 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. There are only 24 hours per day, and spending all of it for work won’t be good for you. Fun fact: studies have shown that workers around the world spend an average of 15 hours for sleep and leisure. This leaves you with enough time to be productive at work.
Incorporate exercise into your routine
Next, carefully consider how you can incorporate exercise into your daily routines so that you stay physically active and fit. If you work in an office, try to walk to and from your workplace from a bus stop a few blocks away. You can also opt for the stairs instead of the elevator, especially when you’re about done with work.

If you’re part of the work-from-home population, make sure to stand up from your seats every 2 hours and do some stretches for a few minutes. Take a walk around the house every now and then to avoid being sedentary. Better yet, invest in standing desks so that you can continue working without having to sit for 8 hours a day or more. You can also jog or take walks around your neighborhood. Think of it as another reason to walk the dog.
Include health reminders in your calendar
Take advantage of technology and put crucial health reminders in your calendar so you can be notified on your smartphone or computer. Here are some reminders you should consider putting there:
  • Meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Exercise or stretching
  • Water breaks
Bring packed meals with you to work
If you want to eat healthy outside, consider preparing your own packed meals instead of eating at the nearby fast food joint. The food you can buy outside tends to have a lot of calories and loads of unhealthy ingredients in them. You will feel full but your body won’t receive the nutrition that it needs.

Bring fruits, sandwiches, and other healthier snack options like nuts, berries, and vegetables. You can also put protein or granola bars in your bag, because they’re perfect for a quick recharge. These are considerably healthier than that tempting serving of greasy french fries, hotdog, or slice of pizza.
Invest in helpful cooking appliances
If you can’t spare the time to cook healthy meals, you should consider purchasing slow cookers or an instant pot. These appliances allow you to prepare delicious meals yourself without spending long periods of time in the kitchen. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients, place them all in the pot at night, then let the machine do its job while you sleep. You’ll be treated to a home-cooked meal when you wake up in the morning.

Get The Experts To Prepare Fresh Food For You

If you want to eat freshly cooked healthy foods but do not have the time to prepare them, or do not know how to make them yourself, then let The Fresh Plan take care of the food prep for you. All you need to do is sign up for our plans, choose the amount of calories you want, select the food you want to eat, and wait for us to prepare your healthy and freshly-made meals. Visit our website to learn more.


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