Weight Loss Tips From Real Women over 40


Discover 15 women’s weight loss tips to lose weight and keep it off.

Like gray hair and bad knees, weight gain is something we usually have to look forward to (or dread) as we get older. Your metabolism slows down, your energy for workouts lags, and juggling your family’s schedule gets in the way of looking after yourself. But heading over the hill doesn’t mean you have to be overweight, too.

Sure, losing weight at an older age is harder than, say, your early 20s. But it’s not impossible, and these real-life 15 women, interviewed by Eat This, Not That!, prove it. They each share their favorite women’s weight loss tips and tricks that helped them shed unwanted pounds and keep them off. Looking for more inspiration? And to discover even more stomach-slimming tips, check out these 55 Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism!

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