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People on and off the internet have a lot to say about weight loss. There are many myths so much that trying to find out whom to listen to can be overwhelming,and it’s difficult to be sure what’s true. One undeniable fact is that being overweight or obese can contribute to numerous health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. But losing the excess pounds is not rocket science and, unfortunately, there is no single solution that works for everybody. 24/7 Tempo consulted several nutritionists and fitness trainers to identify more than two dozen myths about weight loss that can actually result in weight gain. There is no denying that weight loss is hard work, whether you’re trying to get rid of 5 or 25 pounds. The key to long-term success is how you approach that goal and whether you manage to avoid some common myths. The short answer is that people should achieve weight loss in a safe, smart, and sustainable way, which usually involves not believing everything you read online and consulting with a professional. Eating a balanced diet is key, but not all foods and drinks are created equal – these are some “healthy” foods that are actually ruining your diet.

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  • You have shared such a piece of good information. Do you have specific recipes for meals or smoothies? I don’t want to overdo and eat too much fat, carbs or protein.

    • Betsy Epton says:

      Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately we are a fully prepared meal plan in the Chicagoland area and we don’t publish our recipes. If you’re located in the Chicagoland area I’d be happy to give you a discounted price to try us!!! Thanks again!

  • Season says:

    Such an informative post. Thanks for sharing.

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