Real Life with Ramon…A Journey To Better Health

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My name is Ramon Esparza.
I’m 42 years old and I have a heck of a story to tell.
It’s as old as I am so I don’t think we will get to it all in one lump,
but if I serve it up in smaller bits, you’ll be able to digest the entire tale more easily.

Let me start out by saying first off that my lifestyle has changed so drastically in the past five months that I cannot believe how I was living. Seriously!
I was making such poor choices with my eating habits and I was doing it for so very long.
How much longer would I have had if I hadn’t realized this.

Earlier in 2017 I was hospitalized for two weeks and in that time I was given three meals a day..
Before this I would starve all day long at school or work and then just binge eat like it was the last food on earth.
This happened nightly for years.

No. This is not a way that anyone should live.
And it took a medical team, a few religious leaders and an army of friends and family praying over my comatose body to bring this light into my life.
Yeah, I was in a bad way and I needed a turnabout.

I left the hospital lighter, stabilized and yet incredibly sad.
The people watching over me would assume that I could pull it all together and keep going from there. How could I?

When I got home it was to an empty fridge.
First thing I did was go food shopping.

I walked the aisles at the grocery store for more than two hours.
1. Because I was happy to be out and about, but 2. Because I was trying to recreate the meals that the hospital provided.
I actually took home some of the menus they provided and tried to emulate a low salt, low sugar diet. “Tried” being the key word.

I struggled. It was awful. To find anything that wasn’t rife with preservatives or hormones was a challenge in itself.
Even more disturbing was my obsession with soda.
I used to drink two full two liters a day.
The hospital diet allowed for one teeny pop every meal.
You don’t think I searched multiple stores for those tiny cans of diet soda???
It seemed impossible to find them at more than one store on more than one date.

As the weeks rolled on, I started to see the weight that I had dropped begin to reappear.
I was heartbroken.
I was trying everything I had been given examples of and nothing I did for myself was working. Portion sizes, calories, snacks, it was all a total failure.

As I was spinning out of control again I was given the opportunity to try something new.
A meal prep service that had not just my diet, but my life and my lifestyle in mind.

No shopping. No counting. No cooking. No hassle. No worries.
Nobody had EVER told me that I could be part of something bigger than me before I started getting my food from The Fresh Plan.

In the past 5 months I’ve eaten three squares a day,
learned how to curb my appetite between meals,
and have had more energy than I’ve had in years all because of my success with this program.

Nobody forced me, it was just the right thing to do at the right time to do it.

As a man, I’ve been shown right out of the gate that “more is always better”.
That eating & drinking in excess is not only socially acceptable but encouraged.
It’s almost unheard of, peers have looked down on me for trying to order healthy before,
“Everybody got tacos and Ramón over here gets a salad! WTH?!?”

It had to stop and I’ve needed to change my entire way of thinking.

The Fresh Plan is the best stencil to stand within and and become a part of.

I love it!

The portions are filling, the food is fresh and the results are in.
I’m down 50+lbs from where I was over a year ago.

Your health matters, my health matters, our children’s health matters.

Relearning to eat right is a daily challenge that I have chosen to accept.
I’m a changed man because of this program and I’m thankful daily to Betsy and Scott for coming into my life.

Like I started out saying, there’s more to my story, but that will all be told in due time.

Thanks for reading.

Now go out today and really think about what you’re eating.
What it does to your body today and really understand how it can affect your life long term.

Peace & Love,


P.S. For drinks, what I found instead is that water is EVERYWHERE!!!
I’ve been drinking multiple bottles a day and haven’t looked back.
Took a tiny can to make such a large change in my life.

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