The Fresh Plan is a weekly subscription meal plan service. After your first order, you will continue to receive the same meal plan each week and will be charged weekly for the upcoming week.

You can change, pause or cancel your meal plan for the upcoming week at any time before 7:00 PM on Thursdays. You may do this online or by email ( or by phone (call/text 224-480-3700)

1200 – For those looking to lose weight or small person looking to maintain weight.
1700 – For larger person looking to lose weight or active people looking to maintain weight.

Consult your doctor to determine the best plan for you.

*Full Week Plan: Seven days beginning with Monday dinner through the next Monday lunch
**Weekday Plan: (part 1) – Monday night dinner through Friday lunch (4 days)
***Weekend Plan: (part 2) – Friday night dinner through Monday lunch (3 days)