Looking to lose weight? Eat healthy? Live longer?

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It’s literally this easy! Meals are fresh and fully prepared. There is no shopping, preparing or cooking because the meals are fresh and fully prepared for you! Meals are portion and calorie controlled so you can lose weight!

The Fresh Plan healthy eating meals consist of fully prepared meals that are fresh and never frozen. All you have to do is just heat & eat! It’s all made in our commercial kitchen in Chicago. Furthermore we only use the freshest ingredients available with no artificial flavors or ingredients and no preservatives. Our meals have no GMO’s or hydrogenated oils and above all our chicken and turkey are pasture grazed, free range, hormone & antibiotic free. Locally sourced ingredients are used when available. Also as a kitchen we recycle and compost to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Hence the meals are calorie controlled, low sodium, low cholesterol, low fat, low in sugar and most noteworthy high in taste!
Just Heat. Eat. Live Healthy!

www.thefreshplan.com or call us 224.480.3700

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