Looking for Home Health Care for you or an elderly loved one?


Betsy met with Suzanne Dozsa to learn more about the benefits of Picket Fence Home Care.
Picket Fence Home Care- Chicago Inc., is a non-medical home care, dedicated to caring for those who
are no longer able to care for themselves with genuine home-style compassion. A family-owned organization
that treat their clients with the same kindness and consideration they would demand for their own loved ones.
Picket Fence’s Chicago management team, David and his wife Suzanne, have spent more than a decade
in the non-medical home-care industry. They have devoted much of their lives to serving people in need
– working with the handicapped, teaching children and participating in counseling programs.
Chicago was the ideal location for Picket Fence to open its newest office. Chicago has everything the
team wanted for its new base – architectural beauty, vibrant culture and midwestern appeal. Few other
places in the country can compete. Moreover, Chicago families are in urgent need of quality home-care
services. The unpredictable weather creates hazards such as icy sidewalks and brutal winds that make it
difficult for seniors to leave their homes safely. Traffic can be fast and erratic and construction projects
seem to be popping up on every corner. If their mobility is limited, elderly Chicagoans may prefer to stay
at home.
Suzanne, Chief Operating Officer of Picket Fence Home Care, is a native Norwegian but spent a large
part of her life in Hungary. She began her professional career as a teacher in the (Anthroposophical
Pedagogist) Waldorf schools, which educate children by harnessing the energy of their imaginations to
holistically develop their intellectual, artistic and practical skills. Suzanne is now responsible for the
launching Picket Fence Home Care in Chicago’s northern suburbs. In addition to her native Norwegian,
she is also fluent in English, Hungarian, Swedish and Danish.
David, Chief Executive Officer of Picket Fence Home Care, was born in an Air Force family and grew up
on military bases in places as diverse as Orlando, Florida and Munich, Germany. He began honing a
knack for business at the age of 11, when he launched a wildly successful venture selling worms to
fishermen in Bellevue, Nebraska. He used the profits to help finance his family’s summer vacation.
David enjoys exploring new opportunities and pushing his personal limits. Shortly after earning a
bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1993, David started a
publishing business in Budapest Hungary, which had just recently emerged from the yoke of Soviet
communism. David has also spent much of his life in the service of others, working many years with the
handicapped, counseling children and adults and has been consulting for an independent home-care
office for more than a decade. David went on to attain his Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and Security
from the University of Florida in 2014 to fulfill his ambition of running for public office. Instead, he
decided that launching the Picket Fence’s Chicago office would be a worthier pursuit.
Suzanne and David seek to use the skills they have picked up around the world to provide Chicagoans
with a better alternative to elder care. “There is no more fulfilling task than positively impacting the lives
of others,” says Suzanne. “Home care helps those who cannot help themselves, improving and
extending their lives. There is no more honorable path in life.”
“Caring for people always comes down to compassion, empathy, understanding and desire,” David
says. “That’s what we would like to provide to the people of Chicago.”
Call today for a free assessment of more information on 850-305- 3142 or email David & Suzanne
at contact@PicketFenceHomeCare.com


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