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Betsy with The Fresh Plan’s fully prepared meal plan for elderly home health care met with Suzanne Dozsa to learn more about the benefits of Picket Fence Home Care.

What is Picket Fence Home Care?

Picket Fence Home Care- Chicago Inc., is non-medical home care, dedicated to caring for those who are no longer able to care for themselves. They accomplish this with genuine home-style compassion. A family-owned organization that treats their clients with the same kindness and consideration because they would demand that for their own loved ones.

Who is Picket Fence Home Care?

Picket Fence’s Chicago management team, David and his wife Suzanne. They have spent more than a decade in the non-medical home-care industry. They have devoted much of their lives to serving people in need, working with the handicapped, teaching children and participating in counseling programs.

More About The Picket Fence Home Care Founders?

Suzanne, Chief Operating Officer of Picket Fence Home Care, is a native Norwegian but spent a large part of her life in Hungary. Suzanne began her professional career as a teacher,(Anthroposophical Pedagogist).  She is now responsible for launching Picket Fence Home Care in Chicago’s northern suburbs. In addition to her native Norwegian, she is also fluent in English, Hungarian, Swedish and Danish.
David, Chief Executive Officer of Picket Fence Home Care, was born in an Air Force family. David grew up on military bases in places as diverse as Orlando, Florida and Munich, Germany.

Thoughts From The Founders

Suzanne and David seek to use the skills they have picked up around the world to provide Chicagoan’s with a better alternative to elder care. Suzanne says “There is no more fulfilling task than positively impacting the lives of others. Home care helps those who cannot help themselves, improving and extending their lives. Caring for people always comes down to compassion, empathy, understanding and desire”. For that reason David agrees, “That’s what we would like to provide to the people of Chicago.”

Contact Us

Call Suzanne & David for an assessment at 850-305- 3142 or email David & Suzanne at

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