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A big thank you…

to our customers, friends, family and even some people that we didn’t even know that just heard about our donations of meals to local hospitals etc.

We are a local Chicago family owned business and we are donating meals to local hospitals to thank those that are on the front lines.

Hospital, Medical Center and Healthcare professional donations update!

With the generous help of our beloved customers, friends and family members here is where we have already donated meals and future meal donations…

4/6/20 Advocate Lutheran General Pediatric Emergency Department

4/7/20 Northwestern Hospital Radiology Department

4/13/20 Advocate Condell Medical Center, donated by North Shore Glaucoma Center & Eye Physicians

4/17/20 Lurie’s Children’s Hospital

4/19/20 Illinois Masonic Hospital Respiratory Floor

4/20/20 Glenbrook Hospital Respiratory Department

4/20/20 Glenbrook Hospital COVID Unit 3 East

4/20/20 Northfield Food Pantry

4/22/20 Northwestern Hospital Nurses COVID Floor 16E

4/22/20 Evanston Hospital-In honor of nurse Bari Feldman,

donated by Bruce & Rita Ratskoff

4/26/20 Lurie’s Children’s Hospital Emergency Department

4/26/20 Evanston Hospital ICU/Anesthesia (COVID-19) Unit

Upcoming donations:

4/28/20 Miseracordia McCauley Skilled Nursing Building-In memory of

Bradley Speck donated by The Mitch & Nancy Speck Family

We have donations to cover more meals so we are continuing to schedule donations!

Would you like to honor a graduate this year?

If you’d like to send meals in honor or memory of someone or if you or anyone you know are interested in donating please call Betsy at 224.480.3700

Stay Healthy and Safe!!!


Here’s some pictures from the efforts of those that helped us with donations to local hospitals…

During these stressful times when we are all asked to stay home, The Fresh Plan is open and delivering our fresh and healthy meals to your door!

The Fresh Plan delivers safely to your door. We can even leave your meals at your front door for a safe, non-contact delivery. The Fresh Plan wants to keep you healthy!
Let us cook for you and enjoy good food while staying in and staying safe.

With worries surrounding COVID-19, we know you want your fresh food delivered to your doorstep, and we intend to keep your concerns in mind.

As a kitchen we are taking every precaution to try and keep you safe…
-We only buy from reliable suppliers who strictly adhere to the highest possible FDA standards and have full trace-ability of their products. We are actively monitoring and communicating with these companies to stay aware of any potential supply chain disruptions.

-Each employee is required to perform a brief health screening before they come to the facility and at the start of every shift in a separate entryway.

-In addition to regular hand-washing and use of gloves, employees are now required to participate in mandatory, scheduled hand washing breaks.

-Everyone in the kitchen and plating area are wearing masks as added protection
-Extra sanitation procedures are being enforced

Thank You!!!

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