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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ’s

Who is The Fresh Plan good for?

Seniors – That can’t or don’t want to go out shopping and would like healthy fresh meals delivered right to the door.

Professionals – Busy working people that don’t have time to shop, prepare and cook yet want a healthy alternative to take out.

Weight Loss – Calorie controlled, fresh healthy meals that will aid in weight loss combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Health Concerns – Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and many other health concerns may benefit greatly from a healthy diet that is low in sodium, low in cholesterol, low in fats and low in added sugars.

Elderly Parents – Adult children concerned about their parents getting healthy nutritious meals delivered right to their door.

Mom’s/Dad’s – Want to eat healthy but find it difficult to cook for their kids and separate healthy meals for themselves.

Empty Nesters/People Living Alone – The economics of grocery shopping for one or two people don’t always make sense, The food waste (and it’s cost) can be a lot and not to mention the time to shop, prepare, cook and clean up!

Which calorie plan should I order?

There are two choices; 1200 calories per day and 1700 calories per day.
1200 Calorie Plan: Designed for those looking to drop a few pounds or a petite person looking to maintain weight.
1700 Calorie Plan: Designed for a larger person with significant weight to lose or a very active person looking to maintain weight.
The calories are based on three meals per day. If ordering the two meal per day plan then the calories will be less proportionately.

When do I need to order my meals?

Wednesday by 7:00 PM for the upcoming week. Your meals will be delivered or ready for pickup the upcoming Monday unless you order the weekend plan and then it will be for Thursday of that week. If you miss the cutoff time contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order for the upcoming week before 7:00 PM Wednesday the week before.

What’s the difference between subscriptions and one time orders?

Subscription pricing is 5% less than one time orders. If you choose subscription you can cancel or pause your subscription by Thursday 7:00 PM for the next weeks order.
Subscription purchases are billed weekly on Wednesdays. Deliveries occur on Mondays and Thursdays. Subscription discounts will be reflected in your cart and at checkout.

How are the daily calories calculated?

Calories per day are based on a weeks daily average of three meals per day.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Everyone’s body is different and weight loss is a matter of caloric intake vs. output. A good goal to shoot for would be 1-2 pounds per week at the start of any diet. The losses may slow down after some of the initial weight loss.

What if I have a medical condition like diabetes or heart disease?

You should seek advice from your doctor to see if The Fresh Plan is right for you. All the nutritional information may be found on our website at

Can we choose which meals we want?

No, and we don’t do this to punish you, we do it so that we can keep our costs down and pass that savings on to you.  However, there are four different weeks of menus so you’ll only have the same meal once per month. Everyone is on the same week at the same time. The only difference may be the portion sizes for the different calorie plans.

How should I store the meals?

Keep all meals refrigerated until ready to eat.

What order should I eat the meals in?

Just eat a breakfast a lunch and a dinner each day. The first half of the week, eat weekday-part 1 meals before beginning weekend-part 2. Likewise, for the second half of the week, eat weekend-part 2 meals before starting the next weeks weekday-part 1 meals. We encourage you to eat salads and fish meals towards the beginning for freshness.

How should I heat the meals if applicable?

Meals can be warmed up in the microwave, traditional oven or on your cooktop. Although most all of the containers are microwaveable safe, we recommend you place meals on a microwaveable safe plate.

What if I go out to a restaurant for a meal?

Go enjoy! Be smart about what you order e.g. salad with dressing on the side, grilled fish or chicken and have fruit for dessert. Watch your portions!

The Fresh Plan Nutritional Info

Nutritional analysis is based on a weeks daily average of three meals per day

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