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Are you trying to lose weight with no success? We get it. Here dietitians share biggest mistakes that prevent weight loss.The process can be frustrating at times as well as confusing. There are so many myths and bits of misinformation floating about. Often it’s just a few changes to your lifestyle to offer big results. To help sort this out, we asked registered dietitians to share the biggest mistakes they see their clients making when trying to lose body fat. Take this advice to heart and know that slow and steady wins the race.









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  • Sarika says:

    This comment is very grateful.
    I didn’t get the Skipping Dinner For Cocktails section of your content please describe me with full details.


    • Betsy Epton says:

      Thanks for your interest. The article is just stating that skipping dinner in exchange for cocktails although it may be the same amount of calories is not a good idea because you would not get the valuable nutrients from eating a healthy dinner. Stay healthy!!!

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