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  1. Fad Diets!

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    Weight loss veterans know that losing weight and keeping it off requires a long-term commitment, yet even savvy dieters can occasionally be tempted by the quick weight loss promised by fad diets. As each new “lose weight fast” gimmick comes along, some people forget about the negatives associated with most fad diets — from a lack of nutritional value to food restrictions that are hard to live with — while others might not know if the weight-loss plan they’re considering is a fad or a program that could be helpful over the long haul. Here’s how to tell a flash-in-the-pan plan from an effective one. Continue Reading

  2. The Wellness Schedule

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    Here are some quick and easy ways to stay active!

    Many of us find it difficult to make time to be active because of how busy our schedules can get. Whether you’re a stay at home mother/father, work a 9 to 5 job, or just simply find it hard to get started, The Fresh Plan is here for you! Being advocates of health and wellness, we’ve listed some short exercises you can do throughout the day! Continue Reading